FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

LNG icu is a paid community for LNG professionals. Here are some of the questions that people ask us:

Why a paid site?

We believe that paying for a subscription creates a much more professional site and allows us to maintain quality information. “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys”, they say.

Who should join?

Anyone truly interested in the small LNG market. From producers to ship owners, from brokers to traders, from students to CEOs. A good mixture of people guarantees a real honest exchange of knowledge, expertise and business opportunities.

What should I expect?

You should expect a community of professionals and relevant information about small LNG carriers and floating units.

Do I get a refund if I cancel?

No, once you pay you have access to all the information in the website. You can unsubscribe and stop payments for next month.

Why it is so cheap/expensive to join?

Consider this as the cheapest consultation you can get! We not only have the information about small LNG carriers, but also a premium newsletter, presentation on LNG related topics and many more events and activities that we will be announcing as we grow.

Is this a site only for LNG professionals?

Yes, this is a site for people interested in the LNG markets, willing to learn and to expand their businesses and careers.

I’m a student, should I join?

Absolutely. If you are serious and have a professional attitude, this site of LNG professionals is an excellent way to start you career and learn about the small LNG sector.

I’m a big shot, why should I join?

There is a lot of noise in other free newsletters and websites. No moderation, no control. In LNG icu we curate the informations. For the price of a daily coffee you have access to a website that is here to help you.

Why do I get this symbol in the newsletter: 🔒 ?

The lock 🔒 means that the link to the article is only available to paying subscribers. If you are in the free plan, you will not have access to the full text. Please upgrade to get full access.

I’m a competing broker, can I join?

The answer is also yes. We are here to promote our services. All of us. Feel free to join and get the information. Of course, you can’t sell our newsletter or other information, but surely you will learn something.

I already have LinkedIn, why do I need LNG icu?

Linkedin is a great community with no filters. Free communities are easy to abuse and spam and it’s always difficult to find the right products, opportunities and people. We believe that by paying a small monthly fee, only people who are really interested in the LNG market and with professional proposals will take part and will get the information they need.

Will subscription prices increase in the future?

The price you choose is the price you will pay for the duration of your subscription. So even if we increase prices after you subscribe, you will continue to pay the same price for as long as you are an active subscribers. If you unsubscribe and try to resubscribe again, you will have to re-join paying the new prices.

Do you have more questions? Ask us.